24 thoughts on “One Shots

  1. Hi, Cara!

    I’m soooo thrilled I found your blog! In the past I read some of your stories and oneshots on ffn but just read a few I never saw and they are FANTASTIC!! I’ve missed you!

    I just read Let Me Show You (OMG!!) and Lovely Stalker…ish (awwww)! Honey, you just keep getting better and I don’t know how you do it. 😉

    Thank you so very much for taking time from your personal life to appease us with your “schmexy wonderfulness!”

  2. Alrighty Cara! I’m totally hooked now. I absolutely love ur stories and one shots. I read everyone of your one shots in 2 hours. Love them!!!

  3. Right, now I can get on with what I’m supposed to be doing lol
    I downloaded all your one shots yesterday and have finished reading them all through, one after another.
    I didn’t bother with A Touch in Tokyo to Transfer after the first part as I realised I’d read it before, but skimming it through to check I’d remembered most of what happened, and I really liked it the first time round.

    They are brilliant stories, all keep you hooked but all different – LOVED Eternity and 539 minutes had me in tears – sad and happy ones.

    Thank you for putting them all up for us to read. Now I’ve got the decision as to work or start on one of the longer stories I’ve downloaded??? Choices, choice…

    But seeing as there is no one in the house to make me work I can see me caving and reading another of your fab stories.

  4. Just read Munchkins. I loved it! I’m a short girl myself standing at 5’2″ so when you write about a short Bella I always have the need to hug you!

    Jasper cracked me up, man those sandals…

    Love your writing Cara and I’m sure your original will be just as great as these fic and OS!

  5. I love every one of your stories I’ve read so far! Just read Picture Perfect and it’s fantastic, I hope some day you’ll expand it into a full story.

  6. Hi,I luv every story of yours i have read so far and yeah can u post 18 chapters of picture perfect, that would be awesome or perfect, i luv that one!

  7. If you ever feel like you have nothing to write about… (Haha) Maybe you can make “That Makes Three” into a full story. Love this one shot!!!

  8. Hiya – have now read all the one shots and know everyone has a favorite but one tugged my heartstrings oh so hard! Hero Leaving. Best ‘eva! For a Swede you do an amazing job connecting with Americans (and not just because of the citrus fruit variety)!

    I thought it was something with Hollywood because of the star and I couldn’t place where it was going but I thought it five pages of perfection. As I think my own son will enter the military it is truly different from a Mother’s (parent’s) perspective than a child or spouse! Thank you!

  9. Picture Perfect!
    My lord girl, that was so good it was mind blowing!
    To think that every student fears handing in the ‘wrong’ paper and to find that someone has done this in reality is beyond words, especially since the story that was accidentally handed in was hardly tame. I have to wonder what the Professor was thinking whilst reading ‘More’, and to think, they didn’t even have to pay, search, ask or write the story themselves, it was literally given to them on a silver platter LOL.

    Do you have plans to continue Picture Perfect at all? You are one of my very few most favoured writers to ever have the honor of finding in the Twilight FF world.


    Ms Torres

  10. Hi Cara,

    I’ve just finished reading all of these one shots. Thank you for keeping them alive for us to read here. Loved A Touch in Tokyo and Everywhere the most.

    Your full length stories are what brought me to you and I’ve truly enjoyed reading all of them this past two weeks. Power Play had my heart, as I’m very much the hockey fan. Season ticket holder for the San Jose Sharks. Trash and Darlin’s was wonderfully funny. Hell, all of your stories were wonderful, funny and so very sexy. Your lemons are fantastic and better than most others out there. I believe it is because the characters are so very easy to fall in love with, in each and every one of the stories.

    Thank you very much for your writing. I’ve really, really enjoyed my time here in your sandbox.


  11. Cara,

    I am working my way through your O/S collection. I just finished lovely stalker…ish. What a cute story. I sure appreciate you sharing your plot bunnies with us. Thank you.

  12. Hey Cara! I’m looking for one of your O/S that I remember reading a while back but can’t remember the name of and couldn’t find it here. Bella was a college student. Renee and Edward dated before but broke up and ended up in a relationship with a man named ( I believe) it was Riley? Bella and her mom visit the guys house, they have a cookout, etc.. Bella ends up in bed with both Edward and Riley (threesome fun!). Was this story pulled from here?? Thanks!

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