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  1. Hey sweetie.

    I absolutely love your stories and have re-read many of them, especially “This life”. It’s my absolute favorite. If one wanted to make a small donation as a thank you token, how would one go about it? Do you have a Pay Pal account?

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and when times get tough, please remember all the people out there that sit and read your stuff for hours and hours!

    All the best to you from Iceland.

    • Thank you so, so much for the praise, hon!

      I write fanfiction because it’s fun, so really, don’t feel the need to pay for anything that’s supposed to be free! 😉

      That said, if you’re also interested in original fiction, you can always check out my books on Amazon, or on my website: http://www.caradeewrites.net


  2. Just bought some stories of yours from amazon cos so loving your stuff. Read second page, that was such a lovely story, gorgeous edward and amazing bella, kept thinking about it all day, and was short but amazing how in a short story you can write something that makes you feel so much. Thank you cara x

  3. I tried to go to your website – http://www.caradeewrites.net/ and keep getting told that the page can’t be displayed. Do you not have a personal website page for your original stories anymore? I was hoping to be able to check out your original work and buy the Nicholas story that was recommended to me. Also wanted to ask if your stories are available to purchase without needing a kindle to read them on?

    Ms Torres

  4. Hi Cara,

    I just finished to read Bloody Kisses (recommended by Nolebucgrl on FF in one of her stories)
    and What’s up Doc? recommended (RK-BD on FF) by from both POV
    You are one amazing writer!!!!

    Have a nice day


  5. Dear Cara,
    I’ve ran into your page two months ago and I can’t tell how addicting it is. All your stories are just perfect :). Thank you :). Anyway, my point is, I am originally from non-english speaking country and I would like to ask you a permission to translate your stories in my native language. That would be really an honour. You should be able to see my adress below. If interested, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
    Simone Josephine

  6. Hi there! I have to tell you that I am a huge fan of your writing. I love it! I have been a member of fanfiction.net for years now. I started out writing One Tree Hill stories and slowly moved to Twilight. I will admit that I haven’t posted anything on here in a few years. I have suffered from major writers block. I was wondering if you had any advice to share? I mean, I have all these ideas swirling around in my head for stories and I know exactly how I want the stories to go and where I want them to go. But it seems like every time I sit down to write, either nothing comes out or what does come out is crap that I wouldn’t even want to read myself, let alone let other people read it! Do you ever go through similar situations? If so, how do you get past it? Writing fiction has been my passion since I was about 12 years old. It’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. My dream is to have my stories published. I have ventured into the original fiction world and have even started a novel…obviously this major writers block has prevented me from finishing it. Since I am such a fan of your writing and look at your writing as a kind of standard for what I want mine to be, I thought I would just try to reach out and see if you had any advice or anything to share. Anything would be appreciated.
    Thank you!
    My personal email is jenn0615@gmail.com .

    • Hi, Jen!

      Sorry for the late reply, but here goes. If you ever suffer from writer’s block (and we all do,) don’t force it. Push that story aside for now, devote yourself to a new project, and then go back and read and hope the block is gone. Music tends to help me get inspired, and most my stories have specific playlists that keep me in that mode for that particular story. Sometimes I’m out somewhere and I hear a random song and I’ll go, “Oh, that’s for Our Yellow House.” LOL. Hope it works for you!

  7. Hi! Sorry to write this here, don’t know an email adress where I can contact you. Just wondering if you would be willing to write something for the Fandom 4 LLS compilation this year (http://fandom4lls.blogspot.com.es/). You could do a twilight one-shot of outtake from other of your stories, or just and original fiction piece, since this year the compilation is open to it.

    Anyway, I know you have a lot of stories you’re writing currently so maybe you don’t have time for it. But I’m letting you know just in case! Thank you and sorry to write this here, don’t know how else contact you!

  8. Cara,

    Just a quick question……………I saw an update for “A Bastard’s Girl” on FF and when I went to read it, the story is not there. I don’t see it on this site either…………how can I read chapter 5???? Help!

    • I also am wondering where to read this story, it appears to not be on ff anymore, it’s not complete on this site so where the heck is it. Desparately want to read this story. My email is cherylchuy1@yahoo.com just in case you know where to find it. Have left several messages for Cara but no reply.

  9. CONGRATULATIONS! The Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards would like to inform you that you have been nominated in the following categories:

    1. Favorite Crime Fanfic – Grand
    2. Favorite Veteran Author

    The First Round of Voting will start on May 31st, 2015. We will take votes for two weeks before closing on June 14th, 2015. If you make it to the Second Round of voting, we will take votes from June 15th to June 22nd, 2015.

    Feel free to let your readers know about this event, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    -Fanantic Fantics Multifandom Awards

  10. Hi Cara!
    I went back to read Grand, for the tenth time, on FFN and saw that it was no longer posted. I followed your link and found your other pages. We (the Admin) would love for you to check out BetterinTexasFiction.ning.com and possibly post your stories there. I absolutely love your work and thank you for listing your other sites on FFN!

  11. after i sent in the review for AVwtF i thought about maybe if the next time the nutella incident comes up you can have bella ask edward how he would feel if he came home after a shitty day and the last beer was gone…my husband has thrown complete shit fits when this has happened to him, lol…thank gawd i dont drink beer so the tantrum is never directed at me…

  12. I’m laughing at myself right now… =D

    So, I’ve been reading your fanfics and following your blog for years. And I clearly remember reading the summaries of some of your original works and thinking “I’ve got to read that!”…But, well, life got hectic and I never got around to read, let alone buy, one of your originals and slowely but surely it slipped my mind.
    And then I bought this ebook yesterday called “Aftermath”. I finished it within 24 hours. I love it!
    And all the time the name “Cara Dee” buzzed in the back of my head…The realization hit me the moment I finished the book and saw the link to caradeewrites. =D
    So yeah. I accidently bought one of your books, something I’d always planned on doing. :_D

    Anyway, while I don’t know how many people start reading your books, because they liked your fanfics, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed “Aftermath” not because I love your fanfics, but because you’re just that talented a writer.

    And now I’m thinking about which of your works to read next…


  13. Hi Cara,

    I would like to know if somebody already translated your fictions on FFn to French, if not I would like to ask you permission to translate some of them for French readers, of course with link to your worldpress and giving your name, those stories are yours 🙂

    Have a great day


  14. Heyyy

    I’ve followed your work for a while now
    I especially loved This Life

    Now im hooked into Are you kidding me…

    I was wondering whether there’s an update schedule you follow

    Chrissy ♡

    • The FFN asses pulled it again! Hope that Cara will either post it again or add it as a pdf here cause I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story. One of my favorites. Please, please re-post or add here Cara. I will beg on my knees if you need me to, lol!!

  15. Hey girl,
    I really enjoy your writing! And am absolutely obsessed with A Bastards Girl, however I try to click on the ‘find full story here’ button on this site and it doesn’t work saying not found or something and no longer shows up in your fanfic profile. Please help N so much love for you! -Stacy♥♡

  16. Hey Cara!
    I was wondering, what the fudge happened to “A bastard’s girl”? (I think you can see how WUD has affected me.) It’s just that I fell in love with the story from ch1, and suddenly you took it down! 😦 Are you going to publish it here as a pdf? Could you give mea time frame maybe?
    Keep up with the good work!

  17. Cara please tell me that you are gonna post A Bastard’s Girl……I saw on your twitter post back in August you were gonna post it here. Thanks =)

  18. I really want to read your story Bastards Girl!!!!!! Have read many of your stories and love your writing! I have also read Aftermath and several other of your originals, loved them as well. I have read several chaps of BG on this site and I’m hooked, please let me know where I can read the whole story! My email is cherylchuy1@yahoo.com.

  19. I really want to read A Bastard’s Girl but I cannot find it with every chapter. I see some chaps on word press and the ff site, not there either. I’ve read ch24 on word press and I’m hooked. Please , where can I find all the chaps so far.
    cherylchuy1@yahoo.com, thanks.

  20. Hey Cara,
    I hope all is well in your life. Just wanted to let you know you work is amazing. I’ve read all your stories more than once. I look forward to reading more from your wonderful brain.


  21. You haven’t posted in a while, so I am suspecting something is going on in your life. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

  22. I’ve been a fan of your stories for a few years now and have reread This Life and the Grand trilogy more than I can count. I recently “lost” your stories and hadn’t read them in about a year if not longer but in the last 36 hours when I rediscovered your stories I’ve read 2 and reread 2… I absolutely love how you write! It doesn’t take long at all before I’m completely lost in the story and I can almost never put them down until I’ve completed it. Due to the length of This Life you can probably see the problem there LOL. Anyway, I just finished reading A Shattered Record and like all of your stories I was completely hooked, then I realized what was going on and was devistated I had to stop reading several times because I couldn’t see through my tears! After I finished it I cried for a good 20 minutes until I could collect myself enough to go on a hunt to tell you how much it, like all of your stories, resignated with me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing. I really hope you see this but I saw that the other comments on here are from three years ago… I hunted fanfiction.net for a way to private message you and then I started all over again and hunted WordPress until I found this. So thank you again for simply being for effing awesome.

  23. Me gustan tus fics uno que leo y releo el our yelow house, que esta en español, pero los demas no, estan en español? Donde? Por favor, me gustaria leerlos. Gracias.

  24. Hi Lovely,

    I admin a Facebook group called Marfiaward Twilight Fanfiction and we will be reading Grand Tales as part of our February book read along https://www.facebook.com/groups/184748045238299/

    I also do book review and interview for the Cloe Michaels Reads blog https://cloemichaelsreads.wordpress.com/ and have chosen to also review Grand Tales for the blog I would like to offer you as an amazing Author to take part in our Interview process as well if you would be interested

    I have included a link to our interview request form for your interest, If there are any other works of yours that you would like us to review please let us know


    Kind Regards

    Cloe Michaels Reads

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