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A Beer with the Guys – January

May – Our Yellow House

Fic Of The Week

Our Yellow House, This Life, Soulmates Feeling Belonging, Isla de Cullen, All Nighters, Trash & Darlins, ABwtG, ADwtG……..

6 thoughts on “Awards

  1. You know what makes you an amazing writer? It’s because people, myself included, love all of your work. It doesn’t matter if it was lemon, angst, pure romance or just plain crazy. I love it all. Keep it up! I’ll be watching out for more of your stories in the future.

  2. Read yellow house and just finished open your eyes. . Wow, you can write! I love how you take your time with your stories, they don’t rush, they are long and beautifully written. I love that you can download and read the whole story, without all the hassle of internet and websites etc. Thank you so much for your stories, I am now gonna enjoy reading all the rest!

  3. just read Power Play, hotest, sexiest carlisle EVER!!
    Good story, you remain my fave fanfiction writer, I try to follow all your stories and will continue to do so.

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