Hi, long time, no see :)

Hello, everyone. First of all, I’m very sorry I haven’t been able to keep my promises until now. I feel really bad about it, because when push comes to shove, even though I write FF for free, once I make a promise, I want my readers to take my word for it. I failed big time there. I’m sorry.

For those of you who are in my Facebook group know a bit more of what’s going on in my real life and that I’ve struggled to come back. And, paying the bills does come first, so it’s taken me forever to reach a point where I could afford to indulge in FF writing.

On that subject, because I do have a lot going on that’s FF related, I urge anyone who’s interested in updates from me to join my FF group. I’m there a lot more than I’m here on my blog. Link to FF group: HERE. And, link to my OF group: HERE.

Okay! On to FF news.

I finished Bastard, at long last. I just sent the whole story of 270 pages to HollettLA, the last 70 pages being brand spankin’ new and conclude the story. I kinda fell for Trey and writing him, so he’ll turn up in my original fiction at some point with his own story. So when Lisa has beta’d the last 70 pages, I’ll upload it here as a PDF, like I’ve done with the rest of the completed stories. 🙂

I’m offically throwing in the towel for the Masen Rules prologue. I’ve tried on multiple occasions, but the story’s just not coming to me. Same with Fall & Rise. The FFs I’ll focus on whenever I have a free moment will be Vacation with Family and the continuation of Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which will be a fic called Secrets & Wishes.

To prevent these ridiculously long hiatuses, I won’t post until the whole story’s complete.

For some FF/OF crossover news…

Seven years ago, this ^^ was supposed to be a fanfic. I can only guess I had too many WIPs to get started, but now, years later, it’s a freshly published OF instead. If you’re into rock star romances with a gritty twist, check it out! 🙂 It was kind of impossible to not see Edward and Bella when I wrote this LOL.

Next up is More. Remember that one? It’s an FF of mine; you can find it under “stories,” and it’s aaall taboo and Daddy kink. It’ll be published this spring as Forbidden Gem. (No, the FF won’t disappear from the blog. I just made some changes in the OF so it can stand somewhat on its own.)

What’s next…

Oh, This Life. Yes, there will be a sequel. Here’s the thing; I’m publishing it as an OF trilogy. The FF version will be changed plenty and turned into This Life I and This Life II. This Life III will be the sequel, and it’ll be posted as an FF version, as well. That’s my big summer plan while I’m in the states, to re-write This Life and its sequel. 🙂

But Bastard…? I’ll be back in a few days when it’s beta’d, and then we can mark that complete.