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I’ll be handing over a This Life futuretake for the compilation, and here’s a teaser 🙂


Whistler’s POV:

Before dinner, the wife and I do the responsible thing since there’s so much to do. I mean, hours of celebrating Kaelyn’s birthday has obviously resulted in a house that looks like a war zone; plus, now it’s preparations for dinner…all the kids running around, cleaning up, keeping sane…

We escape.

We leave everything behind and drive away from my parents’ estate.

“We suck,” Bella giggles.

“Nah…” I grin and kiss her fingers. “It’s only for half an hour or something.”

We gotta breathe, man.

“Did you get something from the car earlier, by the way?” I ask as I turn on to the main road.

It’s already dark out, and the streets are empty.

“No. Why?”

Huh. I shrug. “Never mind.” The car was unlocked, that’s all. But maybe I forgot to lock it before. “So, where to?”

She hums and absently rubs her belly. “Just drive around for a bit.”

So, that’s what we do. We drive around in bumfuck Forks where our story began and banter about everything and nothing. I tell her I’ve seen ghost towns with more people than Forks, and she calls bullshit since I have a mad fear for ghosts. I’d never go near a ghost town, in case there actually are ghosts.

“Stop the car!” she suddenly shouts.

I fucking stop. With my heart in my throat. “What the hell?!” She fucking scared me!

“Look!” She points to a random house. “What does it say on the mailbox?”

Squinting ’cause it’s dark out, I read the name on the decorated mailbox and smirk. Well, well, well. Unless Jacob “Sidekick” Black has gone queer, I’d say he has a kid who’s fond of decorating shit. And they live right here.

“Could be someone else in the Black family, though,” I think out loud. “He’s a Fed, and they don’t come in high demand in Forks.”

“But we looked into his history, remember?” Bella reminds me. “He has no siblings, and his father lives out in La Push. Besides, Jasper and Alice live on the next street, and we know Sidekick and Jasper are close.”

True. And Jasper is also a Fed these days, and he lives here. As far as I know, they have condos in Seattle, but maybe they’re like us; they go home during the holidays. And as much as I hate Forks, it is where we have our family reunions. Privacy and all.

“Let’s check out Jasper’s house and see if they’re home,” the wife suggests.

I nod and start driving again.

“You know…we never did get back at them for intruding on Rose and Emmett’s wedding.”

I snicker and, truth be told, I get a little turned on. Call me fucked up but I love it when my wife gets bad.


Here’s the link to Fandom For Friends.


20 thoughts on “This Life Futuretake – Fandom For Friends

  1. Hi Cara, if I donate this time, may I also get a copy of the one-shot you posted before? I missed the last round of donation. Its a dirty one shot with Edward, Bella, and Riley

  2. Love all your work and Whistler and this Bella, Kick A! Cannot wait to see what they do to poor ole Forks!! Thanks and look so forward to the sequel. I also look forward to Drink with the Girls-Boys and NFW sequels. I know, I am so spoiled. xoxo

  3. Omg cant wait! Have read This Life about 7 times now! Love it! Will you be posting the sequel here too? Also can’t wait for the other sequels! Looking forward xo

  4. hi, cara i can’t seem to find the outtakes for this life. i know i read the one where whistrler just got out of jail but cant seem to find them anymore. if they are still available would you mind letting me know where i could find them?

  5. When are you going to write? I am so impatient that I can’t even breathe properly! Hahaha! Write soon please hardcore fans dying over here! 😉

  6. Hi Cara. I just came across this future take of my all time favorite fanfic. The link to fandom for friends doesn’t work. Am I too late? I can’t believe I missed this, I am so sad. Is there anyway I can read “Toilet Paper and Lipstick” ? I guess I have been soo wrapped up with “World to Come” that I missed this:-(
    Please help. I love your stories

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