Isla de Cullen

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A few months ago, I pulled Isla de Cullen since I plan to publish it. Oh yes, I’m one of those authors now–those godawful P2P rodents 😉 Shame on me. *slaps fingers with Takeward’s ruler.*

However, Isla is still a fanfic, and many have asked for it. And I’ve never forbidden people to share it; on the contrary, I’ve encouraged it. I only removed it from my blog.

Then my thinking cap was on, and I have loads of ideas for Isla. Yes, I still plan on publishing it, but the changes will be so big and the additions will be many, so I decided bring back Isla on the blog, regardless.

The day I slap on a new title and put it on Amazon, I will be clear on the fact that it has once been a fanfic, although, like I said, many things will change with the story. For instance, I can’t wait to introduce Takeward’s little brother 😉 But for those who simply want Isla to remain the way it is, you can now download it again right here on the blog.

You’ll find it under “Stories.” Just scroll down until you get to the Isla banner, and the link to the PDF is right below.

It’s also right here: Isla de Cullen