Original fiction

For those of you who know me on Facebook and Twitter know I’ve waited a long time to get my original fiction published on Amazon. But good things come to those who wait, right? LOL. So, if you’re interested in something other than fanfiction, you can now find my works right here: My page on Amazon.

More info on my original fiction here: http://caradeewrites.wordpress.com/


PS: Don’t worry, I’m almost done with OML; only one chapter and an epilogue left, and I’ll post them at the same time.


15 thoughts on “Original fiction

  1. This is how much I love your writing…in most purchases I look at reviews and star ratings. Yours, click and purchased when I saw your name. I have been a fan for a long time and will support you in any endeavor.

  2. Congratulations hun!!!!! :o)

    Alas, I don’t have a kindle so I cannot purchase these. Will you at some point be selling actual books or direct downloads at some point in time?

    • Well, you don’t actually need a Kindle device. The Kindle Reader is free to download on Amazon to your phone and computer. And if you follow the link to my other WordPress, you’ll soon find my website where I sell them as PDFs. As for real books; I hope I will at some point 🙂

  3. so excited, i have wanted to buy daddys touch/look but dont touch for what seems like forever! i cannot do kindle though so i want to purchase through your site, i just want to make sure i get an english version since your paypal is not in english…is there a specific way to request that?

  4. I just bougth them and I am so happy and so proud .. Now that I have my american Visa i can come at your tour when you become a best seller 🙂 Congratulations

  5. Hi cara, I’m not sure when or if you respond to this. I’m just curios if you had ever thought about writing suspense/horror story? I’m absolutely obsessed with all of your fanfics, well fanfics I’m general but ur definitely my favorite! Anywho, im looking all over for a scary story and can’t find one! Blasphemy I know. So yeah, that was my question 🙂 peace!

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