Fandoms for Animals

I’ve signed up!

thatmakes3-bIt’s a dirty one shot with Edward, Bella, and Riley 🙂



“Mom, you’re insane!” I palm my face and pray to whatever higher power that this is just a ridiculous nightmare. This isn’t happening. I am not in a car with my mother who has gotten the crazy idea that she’s going to win back her ex-boyfriend. It’s simply not happening. Mom has not flown down to Texas—under the guise of visiting me at college—only to sink her claws into Edward again, who happens to live an hour away from me now. And she’s not dragging me with her.

Unfortunately, this is happening.

My mother has her heart in the right place, but this isn’t going to work. They were only together for three years—I was fourteen when they met—and they struggled to keep their relationship from crumbling for the last two. Plus, Edward has moved on. Which Mom knows but obviously doesn’t care about, and she’s bringing me because Edward had a soft spot for me back in the day.

Ironically, I often had a wet spot for him.


Click your way to Fandoms 4 Animals, donate 5 bucks or more, and then you’ll get a compilation full of one-shots, outtakes, futuretakes…you know the drill. The compilation will become available on September 7-8, and you can donate until August 31 🙂


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