Fandom 4 Oklahoma

I’ve joined! Not only that, but I’m donating the first chapter of what will be my first slash fic 🙂 Pairing: Edward/Garrett, and we’ll have a combo of drama, humor, and romance.

If you donate 10 bucks or more to Fandom4Oklahoma, you will get to read chapter one approx. 2 months before I post it on FF. I will also include a steamy look into the future that won’t be in chapter 1 on FF–it will be a lengthy teaser on what’s to come later in the story, pardon the pun! 😉

YOLO! Cuz I like the song, and it’s true, you know. You only live once.

For all I know, anyway.


Speaking of the baby maker that is Bella McCarty…

I find her at the snack table by the pool talking to Rose, Emmett’s wife, and I sneak up behind her, motioning for Rose to keep her mouth shut.

“Did you see what she’s wearing?” Bella’s saying, laughing. And if I know her, which I do, she’s probably talking shit about Angela. Rose and Bella can’t stand my wife. “I mean, hello—tits about to fall out. We’ve got kids here, you know.”

“And what the fuck are you wearing, sis?” I ask in her ear.

She jumps and shrieks. “Brotherpucker!” Spinning around, she looks up at me with a glare, fist waving in my face and all. “You!”

“Seriously,” I chuckle and give her a once-over. “What are you wearing?” I happen to know the light yellow “dress” she’s wearing is really a gypsy skirt that she’s just pulled up and fastened with a belt around her—well, not her waist, ’cause she’s seven months pregnant, so the thin black strap is more under her breasts. “That’s a skirt.” I point.

“I’m hot.” She pouts and fans her face.

I nod. “Your husband would probably agree.” Okay, she’s beautiful, but she looks funny, too. She may be successful at decorating Hollywood homes, but fashion isn’t her thing. Her wardrobe belongs to a fucking hippie. “Meanwhile, I’m your brother, and I can almost see your ass.” I dig in my pockets for my smokes, but then I remember Bella doesn’t allow smoking where the kids can see.

“She’s wearing leggings, jerk.” Rose scoffs.

I shrug. “Uh-huh. Anyway…” I kiss Bella on the forehead. “Happy birthday. Only a year left until you’re thirty.” She already knows what her present is, because we always give each other the same thing: I take her to dinner and then a concert, and when it’s my birthday, she takes me to dinner and a game.

“You know, that would sting if it weren’t for the fact that you’re only a year from forty.” Bella smirks up at me. “Whatever you say…it can’t touch me, little brother.”

Don’t ask me why she calls me that. But she has for the past fifteen years, and for no good reason. Age difference = already established. And she’s at least a foot shorter than my six three.

She is protective of me, though, so that could be it.

“So, where’s my favorite niece?” She peeks around me.

“Hey!” Rose looks offended. “You’ve forgotten my girls?”

I smirk at her. “There’s no contest, Blondie. Sorry. You seen the eyes on my baby girl?”

“She got them from me,” Bella huffs.

The round shape, yes, maybe. But the color’s all me. Bella and I both have brown hair with an odd coppery tint, but I ended up with our mother’s green eyes and Bella ended up with our father’s brown.

“By the way, Edward,” Bella adds, still looking for Hazel, “there’s someone I want you to meet later—There she is!” And now she’s spotted my daughter with Anthony, so she takes off in a waddle. “Hubby! Hand over that baby girl to me!”


So, this is what you do: you go to Fandom4Oklahoma, you spend some cash for a good cause, and then you’ll recieve a compilation with a bunch of oneshots/outtakes/futuretakes/beginnings, you catch my drift, in the beginning of July, I think.



5 thoughts on “Fandom 4 Oklahoma

  1. Wow! They are siblings?! Never read that before! So, Anthony is Bella’s hubby… so that might be another kind of Edward so I’m Ok with it =)

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