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“Your grandmother gave me a chase, too. But she surrendered quickly.”

The two younger Cullens knew what was coming, so they both got comfortable, more than willing to humor their grandfather.

“Did I ever tell you how Bella and I met?”

He had. Many times. But Masen said, “We want to hear it again.”

So, Grampa Edward launched into the story of how he’d fallen in love with his neighbor—the girl he’d known all his life. Their mothers had been best friends, and their fathers had worked together. Edward and Bella had been a sneaky pair of kids, always getting into trouble together. “She was fearless.” Grampa smiled wistfully. “Always the first one to jump off a tree or take a dip in the lake.”

And when they were fourteen, Edward had started looking at Bella in a new way. He didn’t tell his grandchildren how he’d gotten a peek of Bella’s breasts one day, but he was pretty sure Masen’s amused expression said he got it.

“I asked Charlie for permission to court her.” Grampa nodded slowly, took a sip from his whiskey, coughed, and let his mind drift to younger days. “I about pissed my pants—pardon my language, Lizzie—and I thought for certain he was gonna shoot me. But he didn’t, thank the Lord.”

A comfortable silence filled the room while Grampa regrouped and reminisced.

Elizabeth noticed that Grampa had his wedding photo next to him on the bed, on the other side of his pillows. And she felt…at peace…for a small moment. The yellowed photo showed a younger Grampa, a beautiful Grandma, and two beaming smiles. Grampa looked so…proud, like he’d won a great prize. The adoration between Elizabeth’s grandparents had always been so evident.

Almost touchable.

6 thoughts on “Timeless

    • If I could ask…..Do you know of any good beta readers? I have put out feelers, but have not found any. If not thank you anyway for reading this note.

      Take care,


      • Sure! I’d rec my own beta – Lisa – but I know she’s busy these days. Midnight Cougar is also a great beta; I suggest you look her up on Facebook under that name 🙂

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