9 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes – PDF

  1. `I was a bit dubious to read this one as it had Angst, and i’m not a huge fan of angsty stories, but i’ve read all your other stories and they’re amazing, so i thought i would read this one, and it’s bloody brilliant. It made me laugh and cry and was just over all amazing and listening to the songs for each chapter just brought in so much more, so thank you for writing another amazing story, keep up the fantastic work, it’s so appreciated.

  2. Amazing story! I’ll admit that I had to read it in one sitting because I was a little terrified that someone was gonna get mauled by a bear with all those jokes.

  3. Thank you for story…it was beautiful. I look forward to reading more of your stories as they emerge and catching up on ones that you already have out there. I wish I knew how to get them to my Kindle to have them always.

    • You just stick your USB cord into your computer, and then a window should open up. Then, let’s say you have PDF files in another folder, you click up both windows and just drag the files from one folder to the other 😉

  4. When you first started writing this I couldn’t read it, waiting for the next update would have driven me crazy! So I chose to wait until you had finished. I couldn’t stop I read the whole thing in two days, probably would have been quicker but I needed breaks for food and the like! Lol I think this was a great story, I love your writing style and I think its amazing how you could put so much emotion and experience togetherane make it so realistic! I can relate to some of the situations having been through stuff myself and I appreciate you putting this together so well.

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