7 thoughts on “Four Letters has been added as PDF

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so glad you decided to post this one. Please don’t ever hesitate to share with us, I haven’t seen anything of yours that I don’t absolutely love!

  2. Bahahahah! I had a feeling about the ending before I even get to it .. You’re amazing, woman! Seriously big fan of your writing, & all your stories. Thanks for this ❤

  3. whoa!!!! all kinds of hotness going on…i like the fact that edward insisted on a no sharing rule but still allowed bella to have what she needs with the exhibitionism…most guys either want to lock you up or share you all over the place…and his love for 80’s music? Rock On!!!! as usual C, you do not disappoint, when you decide to publish? make sure we know!!!!

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