PDFs to my stories. Only complete stories.


WTC-BPDF World to Come


YOLO YOLO PDF You Only Live Once



Summary: Edward thought he had it all with his Master, but one taste of another sub, a beautiful little brunette, makes him realize there’s more. A lot more. Three bodies, two hearts, one desire. No angst. E/B/J

PDF Our Master Love


isawuisuPDF I Saw U




MR-BmrPDF Masen Rules


More-BSummary inside the document

PDF More


OHC-BannerOHCPDF O’ Holy Christmas


PDF White Picket What?


PDF This Life


CYEPDF Close Your Eyes


PDF Four Letters


PDF Another League


PDF Nebraska Hideout


Isla BannerPDF Isla de Cullen


PDF Together


PDF The End


PDF All Nighters


PDF I Tell Myself


PDF I Remember December




PDF Simply Edward


PDF River


PDF Bloody Kisses


PDF A Beer with the Guys & A Drink with the Girls


PDF Second Page


PDF What’s up, doc?


PDF Oh, I’ll Show You What’s Up


PDF Trash & Darlins


PDF It’s a Sign


OYH-B PDF Our Yellow House


SFB-BannerPDF Soulmates Feeling Belonging


250 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Just spent the last three hours reading Soulmates (for, like, the gazillioneth time) and I must say, freaking bravo. I would kill my rabbi with a pork chop for an outtake with the kids, though, but I know you’re busy being a published author and other stuffs, so… I’ll just picture it myself. :)

    But your fanfictions are seriously… Ungh. No words. I missed breakfast reading this, so Soulmates Feeling Belonging was officially my breakfast of champions this morning, and my oh my was it tasty.

    You rock, you know? Excuse me now, before I go total fan girl on you. :) xx

  2. I am reading everything you wrote non stop, and loving it. More is soooo good, I read it twice, loved soul mates and just finished river,well that edward was a bit of a wimp to say the least but was a great story, thank you x x

  3. So I have a month reading all your stories, and there are no words! You are AMAZING! And I find myself laughing in the middle of the day thinking about your characters! You my dear have a GIFT! And you sure know how to use it. Many blessings for you and your family! And please keep them coming honey! I’m hooked. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    Kind regards,

  4. Spent SOOO long looking for Our Yellow House and We Could Run on FF.. WCR was my absolute favorite story on that website. I couldn’t remember the title to either stories, so I was pretty upset about that. I finally went back and read Masen Rules: The Beginning, then went onto your page and found this blog, cannot explain how excited I was! Was Just wondering if you were going to finish the prequel to Masen Rules? Would really love to see it finished!
    I so enjoy your stories, thank you for sharing it with us :D

  5. Severiously?! I just read Soulmates and I was all like, “Aww” … “What a prick” … “holy shit and Hot as fuck” … “Yes harder!” … “say what?!” … “That POS!” … “Ooo more babies” … “Oh yes harder!” … “Awwww” … Then finally “Perfection.” I’m pretty sure my relationship sucks now. Bahaha jk, but seriously. All of your stories have this way of just sucking me in for hours at a time and actually making me feel like I am the one experiencing everything. Which is crazy when I’m reading EPOV cuz then I’m like… Whoa… Doin a chick, or whatever. ;) I’ve never read a fanfic with Edward being gay/bi before but since you wrote it I gave it a try and did not regret it. Quite possibly my favorite of yours. Definitely in the top 5. I’m absolutely in love with you. Like seriously, 2.5 seconds away from a proposal. Just thought I’d give you a heads up, so your prepared for your romantic answer and all. I’ve only got one story of yours left soooooo, I guess I’ll go read that now and then cry when it’s all over :( bye!!!

  6. I just want to say that i read Simply Edward and i MUST say, i really like how you wrote it. I work with childs and adults with autism, and some of them have aspergers. You really managed to write a good character with aspergers, a believable one. That is a hard thing to do, but you did it. Congratulations, you are a great writer.

  7. God I love your stories, especially that you can download them, as this weekend had rough weekend where had no internet access so could not read usual fan fi cs, but had pleasure of isla de cullen. So so sooooo bloody good. Thank you x x x

  8. Just read island de cullen, had downloaded ages ago but only just found it. I LOVED it! Glad to hear your publishing but adding more, including pics would be good, something to look forward to….

  9. As I have said over and over, your writing ROCKS and your Edwards are-oh, no words for them. All of them are terrific-I have cried and laughed for him. Just thanks so much for being so very, very good!!! LOVE to you and yours. XOXO

  10. I have read all of your stories and MOST multiple times. I’m back again because I had an itch to read Our Yellow House for the 4th time. Now I’m working my way through the rest, again.
    Your writing is just so wonderful and I know that no matter the degree of angst you write I can get through it since you are a E/B HEA writer and you don’t write cheating.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us; it makes my day to read such wonderful stories.

  11. Just bought from your site and read immediately no in touch series. My oh my, it is so good. Maybe I have been reading fan fiction too long cos I fell in love with mark in about 6 pages, he is so lovely. Don’t really like male slash but way you write I have had to change my opinion, now just bought no.3, cos I couldn’t believe that book 2 ended there…. you are an amazing writer, can’t wait fir book 4 and 5, hurry up…

  12. Just started Another League, I’d downloaded it a while back, and I already love it. I will never tire telling you, you are an awsome writter, and one of my favourites.

  13. I love your story this life. It is amazing! Started reading it last night and didn’t go to bed until 3 in the morning so I could finish it! I cannot believe how many stories you have written so well done! I also love the pictures of the clothes and houses etc it made it so real for me. Also I love the PDF version to I can read it without internet but the only thing maybe you can add are some other stories by different authors for PDF (do others fanfiction writers even do what you have done with this website?). If yes then please could you give me some more names??? Thank you so much and you have done a wonderful job!

    • Yes, she’s a virgin in NFW, Isla de Cullen, This Life, White Picket What?, I Remember December, and Our Yellow House. The last two, it’s only mentioned that she was a virgin before Edward; that they were each others first.

      Edward is a virgin in NFW, This Life, White Picket What?, Simply Edward, and same with I Remember December and Our Yellow House.

  14. Thank you for making your complete stories available, I appreciate so much that you have made them so easy to save. You write so well, I love your stories. What name do you publish under, I will buy your published works too.

  15. Love your stories and I’m just about to start reading another league again (my daughters swimming lessons tend to drag on). Hope I can finish it in an hour. I was just on your FF page where I saw that fall and rise is a repost of your first fic. Was that of the same name? I feel like I’ve read this story before (de ja vu) but can’t pin point the details, and I’m starting to drive my self slightly crazy trying to remember it. X

  16. ohmy……. your story is freaking awesome!! i stick to all of your fanfic cause its HEA. And i love that you have the pdf version for download. anyway, love you lots.

  17. I just finished This Life and omg you nearly hit what it’s like to live the mob life style. I have family members that married into one so I know what they go through. I only can say nice job and keep up the good work.

  18. Masen rules was great define fly enjoyed it because I am from Philadelphia haven’t been there in over a year. But still love it, go eagles!

  19. hi I am a French reader of your stories that I discovered there shortly, I must tell you that your “nfw” story made me laugh, I had tears in my eyes, I adore “close your eyes “it’s sad …. I’ll start reading” world to come “but when I read your o / s. you have a lot of talent, continue your story.sorry for english

  20. First time on this WordPress deal. Kinda cool. Just read I Saw U and loved it. You’re an amazing wordsmith and I love your way with humor and snark. Loved it! I guess I’ll be here all night now, lol.

  21. Hi, Cara! Just downloaded “World to Come.” Wanted to say thanks for including all those wonderful pics and manips within the PDF. Please, please, please consider doing something similar with “Grand” and the character collages. It’s still one of my fave stories of yours.


  22. I just found your page and there is not a single story I don’t like. Seriously!
    You are simply amazing. Seriously! Your banners are great (please . Seriously!
    I’m one of those horrible ff readers who do not write reviews (ducking) but I had to let you know you are talented and just when I thought I had seen and read it all I found you.


  23. Oh. My. God!!!!!

    Cara, I have been a huge fan of yours for the past few years. I flove your fanfic, and I flove your o-fic. And now you have me fangirling for you once AGAIN! Guess why??!!

    Drumroll, please. . .

    You tweeted Jake Bass today. Holy fucking hell! He is like my all-time horny heaven hotboy crush! Seriously, he is such a cutie! I’m totally writing a fanfic about him and some of my fave J-Bass BF’s. Hopefully, I’ll be posting it over at AO3 within the next few months, either there or on my own WP. I may ask to “consult” with you on some m/m slash ideas and/or beta-reads in the near future. Ahem.

    Cheers, lovely! ;-)

  24. I’m a century too late. God, I wish I was there when these amazing stories were still on But I just have to deal with pdfs. You stories are amazing, Cara. I wish you would write on again.. :(

  25. Just read second page again. I sooo love this story, one of my favs of yours, just as beautiful the second time, if anyone has missed this, read it now. Our yellow house and aftermath are my top two, but think second page would have to be third…. thank you x

  26. Huge fan! I have just about all your stories if not all of them already. I love the way you write and how I can read your stories over and over again without getting bored. Our Yellow House makes me cry every time. I also love Whistler XD from This Life. Thank you for making this website! Please keep writing! I’m begging.

    -A truly appreciative fan

  27. Have just spent the last 3 days reafing Our Yellow House. So so good! Loved it! Now to decide what ill read of yours next1

  28. I cant read these with my cell & that makes me SO sad! I love your work as an author! You are brilliant! I guess i will have to just read whats whats on FF only! :\

  29. I just finished More and loved it. Of course I loved your Touch series too. I know you mentioned that you were planning on publishing More as an original with additional storyline. I hope so and can’t wait, because I will buy. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  30. Just Finsished THIS LIFE. and im in love! Now makes my top 10 fics of all time for sure!
    Love when an author adds pictures to her stories also. Makes it more memorable when you can picture things in your head. Even though it took me a few days and the house pretty much got neglected lol d the length of it aswell
    Sounds like there will be a sequel? If so i cant freaking wait for it!!

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